CSA 2.0

Community Supported Agriculture 2.0 is CSA without the subscription. Customers of CSA 2.0 buy produce like they buy everything else online. They see it. They buy it. It is delivered in a few hours. 

As a farmer or entrepreneur, you just do what you do best. Our team does the rest. We help you deliver your fresh local products to this rapidly growing segment of the market.

If you are interested in any aspect of CSA 2.0 (farming, launching your own CSA 2.0 business, education) start a conversation with us. You can do so by using the "Chat with Us" section in the lower right hand corner or email us at jim@rainbowfulfillment.com.

Join Rosebank Farms, Storey Farms, Shuler Peach Company, Limehouse Produce Company and Rainbow Packaging Corporation in this very satisfying field of community supported agriculture.